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Relationship/Infidelity Exams


Relationship Exam Experts

In many relationships there can be challenges related to trust.  Sometimes, these may be older issues, or there may be issues that have recently come to light.  The polygraph is often used as part of the process to regain trust. 

At Denver Polygraph, we are experts at relationship/infidelity exams.  We have assisted couples having
 various relationship issues and routinely conduct these types of exams for individuals and therapists.

Authentic Polygraph Exam

Clients receive a genuine polygraph exam by a state and nationally certified examiner.  This means that when you get a polygraph exam from Denver Polygraph, you will get an actual polygraph exam conducted by an experienced, certified examiner who has additional training and experience in the field of relationship issue testing. 

A polygraph does not include the analysis of physiology associated with the voice. Instruments that claim to record voice stress are not polygraphs and have not been shown to work any better than chance (i.e. accuracy is similar to making a decision based on a coin toss) See FAQ section.

Only the polygraph offers the accuracy required in the process of detection of deception. 

Custom Exams to Cover Your Issues

Couples come to Denver Polygraph with various relationship issues, and we will work with clients to develop the questions to be asked so the couple's issues are covered while still being in the correct format for an accurate test. 


Contact Denver Polygraph today for more information and a free consultation or to schedule your relationship/infidelity exam.




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