Relationship and Infidelity Polygraph Exams

Some examples of issues clients have brought to us:

  • Is My Partner Engaged in Illicit Sexual Relations?
  • Is My Partner Engaged In Any Sexual Activity Outside of  Our Relationship?
  • Has His/Her Cheating Behavior Stopped?
  • Is My Partner Using Escort or Prostitution Services?
  • Is My Partner Secretly Dating or Secretly Meeting with Anyone Outside of Our Relationship?
  • Is My Partner Engaging in Online Cyber Sex, Sexting etc.?
  • Is My Partner Communicating or Meeting Anyone on Dating/Hookup Apps?
  • Is My Partner Still Having Sex or Sexting Online with an Ex?
  • I’ve Been Told By Someone They Had a Relationship with My Partner.  Is This True?
  • My Partner Thinks I’m Cheating and I Want to Prove I’ve Been Faithful.
  • Have Our Issues Been Resolved Before We Get Married?

At Denver Polygraph, we understand the stress of relationship struggles and assist couples dealing with personal issues every day. We provide these personal lie detector tests/polygraph exams for couples because clients believe it is important that the truth is known in order to make informed decisions.

Relationship polygraph exams require an experienced examiner because the emotional nature of the issues may increase the possibility of false readings if not handled correctly.

As we can only administer the polygraph exam and give the results, we strongly encourage all clients involved in relationship struggles to seek the guidance of a licensed couples therapist before and after a polygraph exam.

At Denver Polygraph We treat all our clients with respect regardless of their situation.  Contact Denver Polygraph today for more information about our Relationship / Infidelity Polygraph Exam /Lie Detector Services.