How the Process Works

Are you interested in our services, but not sure how it works? 
  • Contact us by phone, email or chat.  

  • Tell us more about your situation.

  • We will give you a price quote and let you know our available appointment times.

  • You pick a date and time that works for you, and we take a deposit over the phone or through emailed invoice to secure your appointment time. 

  • When your deposit has been paid, you will receive a text or email showing your guaranteed appointment slot.

  • We work with you  before the exam to make sure the test questions are worded properly for the polygraph. 

  • The person being tested (examinee) comes in the day of the test and pays the remaining balance. 

  • The examinee will talk with examiner, nervousness and anxiety will be discussed, all the test questions will be thoroughly  discussed, and all the equipment will be explained.

  • A practice test will be administered and the results will be reviewed. 

  • The actual test is then administered, and 3 charts are collected in order to have enough good data to evaluate.

  • The collected data is then analyzed, and the results are provided in a report.

  • The process is non-invasive and non-confrontational, and client privacy is maintained.

  • Each client situation is different, so we offer a free, confidential, consultation.